Fitness: Always change it up

Why change something that isn’t broken, right 라스트 카니발 다운로드? Well, if you want to build muscle and become as fit as possible, change is everything: you need to keep your body guessing. Here’s how to do it.

Think about it: if you repeat the same routine at home, work or wherever it may be, you’re going to become bored and demotivated – it’s exactly the same with your workouts! Your body will eventually say, “Come on! I’ve done this before, give me a real challenge and I’ll show you my potential!” This is the mind-set that you need every time that you hit the gym.

Why you need to change up your routine

The bottom line is that your body will become used to your routine if you repeat the same exercises every day. You’ll find that you won’t see progress because:

  • If you’re lifting heavy weights every day, you’re breaking down your muscles and one day is not enough time for them to recover. The “pump” that you were feeling will disappear and you run the risk of tearing the muscle.
  • You’re actually burning less energy because your muscles are not being forced to work harder. This means that after a couple of months of the same routine, you will find that you’re not shedding excess weight at the same rate you were before

Think of every workout as a challenge that you need to overcome – that’s why you’re doing it, isn’t it? Of course it is!

The importance of technique

Another question that you need to ask yourself it: are you performing your exercises properly? By not having the correct technique, you’re risking injury and you’re not going to be getting the maximum benefits from the exercise.

If you’re unsure about whether your technique is right, speak to a personal trainer; once you know how to perform the exercises, you’ll reap the rewards when you change up your routine.

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How to change up your workout routine

This depends on your goals: are you wanting to build muscle, burn fat or improve overall fitness? Either way, it’s best to speak to a trainer or an exercise specialist who will be able to tailor a workout programme that is suited to YOU.

Here’re a few simple changes that you can make:

  • Up the intensity: Whether it’s on the elliptical, bike or weights, push yourself to sprint for another two minutes or squeeze out an extra set. It’s all about getting your heart rate up that will tell your body to work harder.
  • Train different muscles during each workout: Like we said, if you exercise the same muscle every day, you won’t get the gains that you want and you’re risking injury because you’re breaking down the muscle and not giving it enough time to recover. For example: on one day, train your chest, biceps and triceps and the next day hit your shoulders and legs. A great routine to follow is called the 4 day Upper/Lower Split, – try it!
  • Combine weights and cardio: The best way to increase muscle mass, stay toned and keep off the flab is to always combine cardio and weight training.

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