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Fitness: Your motivation transformation pack!

By Grant Wood

“The next movie will be starting in…” – hey, you…yes, YOU! Why are you watching TV? Didn’t you plan to blast that belly fat this month? Now is the time to get up and get moving!

What’s holding you back?

Change is easier said than done. We know that. But before you can change, you need the motivation to do so.

Think about what is stopping you from becoming motivated to exercise. Whatever it may be, take it, roll it up into a ball and throw it out of your life. Welcome to your new beginning. There’s nothing stopping you now.

Your starting point: simple, practical changes

This is the toughest part – but this is how to beat it!

  • Pack your gym bag every night and leave it by the door. Take it with you so that you can go straight to gym after work or during your lunch break. Or it will be the first thing that you see when you get home, ready to pick up and go.
  • Make sure that you have the right clothing and shoes, depending on your choice of exercise.
  • Now, all you have to do is change and you’re ready to go – minimal effort required.

AND, most importantly…think positively!

It may sound obvious, but many people find it to be very difficult. So, this is the time to make an attitude adjustment:

Does this sound familiar: “Arrgh! I’ll skip exercising today and go tomorrow?” The next day you’re probably going to use the same excuse. STOP! Think about how good you’ll feel after your exercise session! You did it! It’s your achievement.

When you’re ready to work out

  • Don’t overdo it. You need to start off slowly and continue to build up the intensity.
  • Ask a friend to train with you.
  • Set realistic goals. You’re not going to lose 5kgs in a week – you need to accept that. So, rather set a more achievable target such as fitting into those jeans that used fit you so well last year.

For more great exercise advice and training techniques, take a look at our blog.

And now that you’ve KO’d the negative thoughts…reward yourself!

We’re not saying that you should go rip open a bag of chips and scoff it down, but what about enjoying that movie you were planning to watch at the cinema?

Keep that in mind while you’re working out and, without noticing it, you’ll have pushed yourself further than you thought possible. It’s all about your mind-set.

Your couch potato days are over! Make this your year to achieve your fitness goals. Your only limit, is you.