Five easy ways to start saving money, today

Worryingly, around 30%* of South Africans say that they don’t save money each month because they simply don’t have any money left at the end of the month to put away. Does this sound like you? Then read on, because we’re going to share with you our tips on how you can start saving money right now, simply by making a few small lifestyle changes mac 시에라 다운로드. Overcoming the initial hurdle to start saving is easier than you think!

The discipline of saving starts with changing your attitude towards it. If you want to save successfully, you need to be serious about it. Metropolitan suggests the following five steps to help you cut back on day-to-day lifestyle expenses, so you can rather bank that money into your savings.
1. Food for thought
Instead of buying lunch every day, take an extra 5 minutes in the morning (or the night before) to prepare lunch you can take to work. It will save you a fair chunk of change, plus it will probably be much healthier too. Take away lunches can cost you up to R40 per day, so you end up spending R800 per month on lunch alone.

The same principle applies to eating out in the evenings. Why not sit down to a home-cooked meal instead? It’s cheaper to prepare, and again it’s generally a healthier option. If you do enjoy eating out, then rather do it once a month, not every weekend, you’ll soon realise how much you’re saving. If you’re hosting dinner or a braai, ask people to contribute and bring a dish or any meat they want to put on the braai.

2. Earn some extra cash
Instead of spending free time in front of the TV or doing nothing, spend the time doing things that could earn you extra cash. Whether you have a special skill for making crafts, sewing, carpentry, or DIY, these are all hobbies which could help increase your income. Plus, spending time doing things you enjoy relaxes you and goes a long way towards making you happy.

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3. Live within your means
Buying on credit to keep up with the Joneses is unrealistic, and it’s an easy trap to fall into. If you can’t afford to buy something for cash this month, then don’t buy it. If it’s something you really want, then save up for it rather than taking the instant gratification route of buying on credit. Always remember, you could end up paying three times more on debt repayments than if you had saved and then bought something for cash.

4. Stay healthy and fit
By keeping fit and leading a healthy life, you save on medical bills. As they say, prevention is better than cure.
Quitting smoking is another way to save money quickly. On average, a pack of cigarettes costs around R35. If you smoke a pack a day, that’s R980 a month spent on cigarettes alone. If you quit now, you’ll save yourself a whopping R11 760 every year. Goodbye smoking, hello dream holiday!

5. Live a little
If you don’t have a goal for your savings, like a car or home renovation, treat yourself to something nice every now and again – something you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself.

There’s no harm in using a small amount of your ‘hard saved’ cash to reward yourself for being so diligent with your money. Remember to keep it within limits though, it’s easier to spend money than to save it.

If you belong to any loyalty rewards programmes, then you can also use that to spoil yourself – you’ve earned it!

Partner for financial freedom
Remember that when you make the decision to save, it’s best to speak to a qualified financial adviser first. At Metropolitan, we’re committed to promoting a savings culture in our society. We believe that the best way to do this is by sharing financial education with our customers, and through better understanding we’ll help you achieve your goals.

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