5 things new parents don’t need

By January 24, 2015Pregnancy

Seeing the second line on a pregnancy test can bring loads of joy and excitement for new parents, but nothing can quite prepare them for what lies ahead 아청 법 단순 다운로드. One thing new parents get suckered into are various unnecessary baby products, toys and gadgets.  Here are 5 examples of baby products that are marketed as must haves, which you can completely avoid.

1. Baby bath thermometer

A thermometer is useful when checking the temperature of a sick child, but other than that, it’s a luxury that you can avoid. Simply dunk your elbow or hand in the bath and test it yourself. Moms have been using this method for centuries and we don’t see why they should stop now.

2. Electric bottle warmer

This one is a bit of a time-saver, but it does come with a cost. If you want to save some money, then you’re better off using the microwave, or putting the bottle in some hot water.

3. Amber bead teething necklace

Babies really don’t need a fancy necklace to help them with their teething. A simple teething ring and some teething gel is much cheaper, safe and effective.

4. Nappy disposal bin

No one likes the smell of a dirty nappy so it would make sense for a parent to buy a nappy bin. However, all you really need to is put the nappy in a plastic bag and toss it in the bin. The time you should buy a nappy bin is if you’re going to use washable nappies instead of disposable nappies.

5. Swim nappy

Feel like lounging in your pool without any mishaps? Don’t fall for swim nappy! Just make sure your little one does his or her business before you spend a little bit of time in the pool. You should, however, make sure you buy all the necessary swimming gear.

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If you’re a new parent, don’t fret, it’s tough but the journey with your child is well worth it. If you need some expert child advice, subscribe to our Child Health Top module. With it, you’ll receive 2 health tips every day, for only R1 per day.

Kyle Boshoff for HelloDoctor.com