Food or protein supplements – which is better?

Protein powders – they come in many bright colours and you’ve probably seen guys at the gym mixing them up in their shakers, but do you know what’s in that powder, does it work hmmsim 2 다운로드? Or should you stick to healthy, nutritious food instead?

I want to try it – which protein powder suits me?

Want to lower your body fat percentage and keep your muscle mass?

Try: Iso-Whey protein: This is great because it’s low in carbs and will have over 20g of protein per scoop, making it perfect for muscle recovery. But if this is your goal, you may have to sacrifice muscle size in order to achieve a lean physique – that’s just how the body works. But, not to worry! There’s a supplement that can help you prevent loss of muscle mass – BCAAs.

What are BCAAs? Are they necessary?

Branch-chained amino acids (BCAAs) help prevent the breakdown of muscle mass when you’re trying to become more lean. You’re probably on a low-carb diet too, right?

Because you’re not getting energy from carbs, your body starts to turn the protein you’re eating into energy.

So, if you’re losing protein, you’re going to lose muscle mass. BCAAs, it will stop your body from using the protein you’ve consumed and help you keep that muscle you’ve worked so hard to gain.

But, many whey protein supplements contain more than enough BCAAs. If you think an extra boost will help you to achieve your goals, speak to a nutrition specialist before you add this supplement to your post-workout recovery routine.

What if I want to bulk up?

Try: A Weight Gain or Mass Builder supplement. The basic difference between this and the Iso-Whey protein is that it’s a very high carb, high protein blend. However, you must never use this as a meal replacement – chicken, meat and fish are your best natural protein sources. Make sure you stock up on unrefined carbs – brown rice and potatoes are perfect to add to your meals.

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What are meal replacement supplements (MRPs)?

Supplement brands have been marketing this for decades as the best way to put on mass, but have you actually read the ingredients that go into a MRP? Next time you’re at your local supplement supplier, have a look at the ingredients – a lot of them will be packed with chemicals that can harm your body.

So, is there a convenient way to get nutrients you need without supplements? Absolutely! Introducing what is known as the “Best Weight Gain Shake”, as told by former Mr California, Rich Piana – all ingredients are natural and available at your local grocery store.


  • 1 cup of oatmeal
  • 10 egg whites
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tsp of organic peanut butter
  • Blend up and drink

“You have carbs from the oatmeal; protein from the egg whites, vitamins & nutrients from the banana and natural, healthy fat from the peanut butter – what more could you ask for?” – Rich Piana

It’s simple when you think about it: clean, healthy food will give you everything you need to either cut body fat or increase your mass.

Protein supplements and BCAAs have their place and can be a great add-on, but the bottom line is, whatever your goal might be, FOOD is the answer!

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