Get a leg up on back pain

You hesitate to bend and lift things, and even reaching for something is painful 리니지m 헬퍼 다운로드. Back pain can make you feel years older than you actually are and if it isn’t managed, it could cause serious damage. There are different remedies that can be used to treat back pain and keeping your legs fit is one of them. If you’re unsure, why not chat to one of our doctors? We’ll help you figure out what’s up.

Sore back? You might be guilty of one of these…

  • Being unfit increases your risk for back pain, especially if you work out in erratic bursts. Lack of exercise leads to weak back muscles, obesity, weak stomach muscles and muscle inflexibility.
  • Not sitting up straight or even bending over awkwardly can place unnecessary strain on your back.
  • Some people are genetically prone to back pain, usually because they inherited spinal structural abnormalities.
  • Work that stresses the back, like lifting, forceful movements, bending and twisting into awkward positions, repetitive movements and vibrations, which can all place strain on the back.
  • Pregnancy makes women prone to back pain due to the shifting of abdominal organs, forward redistribution of body weight, and loosening of ligaments in the pelvic area before delivery.
  • Smoking may decrease blood circulation to the tissues of the back.

How to move it and alleviate pain
Exercise helps to keep your body healthy and fit. By working leg exercises into your training routine, you could help to ease your back pain in time. Strengthening your legs will help with your back pain as weak and sore glutes fail to support your lumbar spine, which may lead to back pain. When your glutes are tight, they affect your pelvic tilt and you risk injury to the lumbar discs. It’s important to condition these muscles in order for you to recover from lower back pain.

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Pistol squat
Stand holding your arms straight out in front of your body at shoulder level, parallel to the floor. Raise your right leg off the floor, and hold it there. Push your hips back and lower your body as far as you can. Pause, then push your body back to the starting position. Repeat 10 reps for 5 sets.

Reverse dumbbell box lunge with forward reach
Stand on a box or step, holding a pair of light dumbbells at your sides. Step backward into a lunge with your right leg as you lean forward at your hips and reach toward your feet. Reverse the movement to return to the starting position.

Goblet squat
Hold a dumbbell vertically next to your chest, with both hands cupping the dumbbell head. (Imagine that it’s a heavy goblet.) Brace your abs, and lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. Pause, then push yourself back to the starting position.

Top tips

  • Maintain perfect posture by sitting up straight with your feet on the floor and avoid slouching when walking or sitting.
  • Use ice and heat as a combination to ease back pain.
  • Exercise regularly to keep your muscles in shape. This will help to keep your back muscles strong.

Talk to your doctor if your symptoms are severe.