Get fit and make exercise a family affair

Obesity is on the rise, and now – more than ever before – it’s becoming a serious concern in children, and South African children are no exception 크로우즈 제로 다운로드. Lack of daily activity, easy access to unhealthy snacks and excessive time spent watching TV and playing computer games is taking its toll.
As a parent, you need to help your children develop a healthy attitude towards eating and exercise. It’s essential that you make it part of their lifestyle from an early age – it will improve their physical health, boost their confidence and improve learning and concentration.

Being overweight or obese as child can lead to serious childhood conditions including diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnoea and psychological disorders. Also, overweight children are much more likely to become overweight adults at risk for the same dangerous conditions.

It’s the perfect time to turn things around
If ever there’s time to be out having fun, being active and trying new sports, it’s when you’re growing up. Good habits are more likely to stick if they’re implemented from an early age and the whole family is involved – so lead by example!

As a family, there are plenty of activities you can do together, so it’s not just your kids that are getting fit and healthy, you’re also reaping the benefits, and you’re spending quality time with the family. If your kids are older, find out what sports and activities they like to do, and make a point of doing them as much as possible.

Simple, fun family activities include:

  • Cycling
  • Kicking a football or throwing a rugby ball around in the garden or park
  • Swimming (one of the best overall body workouts you can do!)
  • If you have younger kids, put on some music and dance with them!
  • Walking on the beach, or hiking nearby trails
  • If you’re near the beach, try surfing. You can rent a board and wetsuit for the day
  • Get kids involved with gardening, digging holes and planting new flowers, trees etc.
  • Encourage playtime in the park: jungle gyms get kids moving!
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