Get the hangover, over with!

Good morning (or…afternoon!) How are you feeling…is your head pounding Kung Fu Panda 1 Download? Get up, get up – it’s 2016! A brand new year full of goals to achieve – okay you’re probably not listening to us because the room is spinning…yup, it’s a nasty hangover. Don’t worry. We have your cure!

We’ve spoken about all the different aspects of the infamous hangover over the past year. From the effects of drinking on your body to the best cures for the drum-solo in your head.

Let’s recap:

What causes a hangover:

“Your kidneys keep the volume of water in your body at the right levels for health. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it removes water from your body and that’s why you pee when you drink!

“This means that your kidneys are losing more water than your body can absorb, so you become dehydrated, causing dizziness and a headache – known as a hangover.

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What to do about it:

Drink a glass (or 2 glasses) of water between each alcoholic drink. This will keep you hydrated, allowing your kidneys to absorb more water. BUT remember to limit your alcoholic drinks: water on it’s own won’t solve the problem completely!”

We have found some hangover-killing superfoods for you: eggs, oats, tomatoes and fruit – especially bananas and kiwis.

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The hangover/weight connection

On another note – let’s not forget about the calories that you take in with every sip of alcohol! It’s a brand new year – a great time for making changes and for the majority of us, it’s to lose a bit of weight. Well, drinking lots of alcohol isn’t going to help you.

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Beer, wine, spirits…it doesn’t matter – they all contain calories that don’t provide you with many health benefits. So, if you’re looking to drop a jean or dress size, cutting out alcohol is a top priority.

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So, welcome to a brand new year. Let us help you enjoy a hangover-free 2016. Cheers to that!