Getting your man to see the doctor

Sure, he’ll go to the doctor, but only if something is broken 맥 위젯 다운로드. Like an arm or a leg! He’s not being more stubborn than any other man – it’s just that getting check-ups before something happens, doesn’t really occur to men below the age of 40.

Women get used to the idea of a yearly check-up early in life, but for men going to the doctor is for when you are really, really sick. Except, we know that so many conditions can be prevented or fixed if they’re picked up early. So, how do you get him to sign up for an annual health check?

Talk about the money

Most Medical Schemes have great pay-back incentives for members who get regular check-ups – show him how he’ll score financially. You’ll probably find there are point-incentives for exercising and other healthy lifestyle changes too. Make the most of them!

Mix and match

It’s also important to find a good match when it comes to a family GP. You may love the doctor you’ve been seeing since you started school, but he or she may not be a great fit for the man in your life. Get some referrals from local friends and family. If he’s comfortable with his doctor, keeping an annual appointment won’t be a grind.

Put it in the diary

Let him know you’re booking appointments for both of you and put it in the diary – let them become an annual fixture, like his date with the dentist or his tax-consultant.

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Here are 10 of the top reasons men give for not going to the doctor – you can get around them by just making it a completely ordinary thing that happens every year.