Giant tumour removed from woman

By December 6, 2013Pregnancy

The average new-born baby weighs approximately 3.5 kg – now imagine what it must be like to carry around a 25 kg tumour!

That’s the size of the giant, benign tumour removed from a woman’s womb in Valencia, Spain – this past week.

The patient was referred to the hospital complaining of weight gain in her torso, and discomfort. It took a two-hour operation for doctors to remove the 41cm tumour, womb and both ovaries. Doctors said that the patient would be released from hospital after 5 days, and that she should be fully recovered after resting for a few weeks.

Only 5 giant tumour cases on record
Giant tumours are described by scientific publications as being bigger than 11.3 kilograms, and it appears that there are only 5 cases on record.
According to the hospital, this type of operation is highly complex, given the distinctive size of the tumour.

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