Give your kids these habits for life

There’s so much parenting advice out there: do this, don’t do that – it’s endless 권왕무적 다운로드. There’s one piece of advice that remains ageless and true: teach kids healthy habits right from the start and half your work is done. The tricky bit is that you may have to learn some of these before you start passing them on!

Forming habits

We’re going to form habits – that’s one thing we can bet on. The good news is that (with some work) bad habits can be changed, but imagine how much easier life can be if we grew up with good habits! One of the best things we can do for our children is teach them good habits. Habits outlast rules, don’t need nagging and carry kids into adulthood.

  1. Hygiene. It may seem so obvious, but hand-washing and tooth-brushing are a vital part of staying healthy. It seems so instinctive to you because you were taught; so be intentional about doing the same for your children. Take time to wash your hands and brush your teeth with them every day until it becomes their habit.
  2. Healthy Eating. The best way to carry over good eating habits to your kids is to practice them yourself. Let them see you cooking dinners, making lunches, and show them that healthy eating isn’t a grind, but part of a happy family life. Get them involved and make it a pleasant and normal experience.
  3. Generosity. Toddlers have to be taught to share, it’s one of their developmental milestones, but don’t stop with getting them to share their toys. Help them to make generosity and kindness a habitual response to others.
  4. How To Stay Ambitious. Teach your children to follow their dreams, and also how to handle disappointment. Just because something doesn’t happen at the first attempt, that’s no reason to give in and just settle! Help them to keep reaching for dreams and encourage ambitious ideas.
  5. Working Hard. Work isn’t a punishment, it’s a skill! Discipline is definitely learned, and it’s the one thing that will help make those ambitions become a reality.
  6. Lastly, turn valuing education into a habit. Get the kids excited about school – let them see you studying or researching, too. Don’t make it all about nagging them to do homework: get involved and make it interesting.
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Put your personal spin on any of these – they’ll cut down on how much you have to nag!