Global cancer ‘tidal wave’ warning

Reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO) warn of that the world is facing a “tidal wave” of cancer, and advises that restrictions on alcohol and sugar need to be considered Samsung card ci download.

WHO scientists predict that the number of cancer cases will reach 24 million a year by 2035 but that as many as a half could be prevented by tackling obesity, smoking, and drinking.

Accoridng to the World Cancer Research Fund, there is an “alarming” level of naivety about diet’s role in cancer. With 14 million people a year being diagnosed with cancer, and an increase to 19 million by 2025, the WHO’s World Cancer Report 2014 said the major sources of preventable cancer included:

  • Smoking
  • Infections
  • Alcohol
  • Obesity and inactivity
  • Radiation, both from the sun and medical scans
  • Air pollution and other environmental factors
  • Delayed parenthood, having fewer children and not breastfeeding


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