Guys, here’s what you don’t know about grooming products

By May 27, 2016Skin

Looking and reeking like a caveman is so not cool. But did you know that some of the products that you use to give you a great smell – and look – could be slowly killing you?

Here are three common grooming items that can cause medical conditions.

Your razor.

Although the hipsters may accept you for sporting a full beard, your significant other may not feel the same way. So, when you’ve finally agreed to shave, make sure that your razor gives you a smooth, clean cut and not a skin infection!

Health issue: Bacterial infection.

In this case, moisture is the enemy! Never leave your razor in the shower or at the wash basin, it’s a breeding ground for bacteria and once on the blade, they can cause skin infections. So, keep it in a dry area, in a glass, and make sure the razorblade is facing upwards.

Your moisturiser.

The label may say that it’s scientifically proven to be the best lotion for your skin, but that’s not always the case.

Health issue: Allergic reactions.

There may be inactive ingredients in your moisturiser can cause a skin reaction. If you experience any changes such as rash, itchiness, swelling or even trouble breathing, seek medical help immediately.

Speak to your doctor before choosing a new type of moisturiser, lotion and/or cream. Take it with you to the appointment; they will be able to check if any of the ingredients could potentially cause an allergic response.

Your favourite cologne.

Many of us have a fragrance that we splash on before we leave the house; it’s that little bit extra that makes you feel great, but maybe not for long.

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Health issue: Breathing difficulties.

A report given by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in partnership with the Environmental Working Group (EWG), found that certain chemicals in popular brands of cologne – and perfume – caused allergic reactions such as wheezing and asthma.

Jane Houlihan, senior vice president for research for EWG said ”The fragrance mixture itself can be comprised of dozens, even hundreds, of individual chemicals, and those don’t have to be listed on the label.” That’s very worrying!

Please don’t let this be a reason to give up on grooming. You can still look, smell and feel great! As long as you practice proper hygiene and maybe check-in with your doctor before using new products. Alternately, get a dermatologist to recommend a skin-care range that works for you.