Hair care myth-busting

Is avocado good for your hair 이그니션 다운로드? Do egg treatments really make it shine? Before you mix up a hair potion, you need to understand the crown on your head first. Let’s sort fact from fiction. Know your hair type; and what your hair needs before trying old wives’ tales.

Fact or fiction?

  1. Black hair is stronger than blonde hair.

False. Natural blondes have more hair than brunettes. Brunettes have thicker hair strands than of fair hair. This doesn’t mean that darker hair is stronger.

  1. Dandruff is caused by dry hair.

False. Dandruff is caused by a type of fungus called “malassezia” that we all have in our scalp. When the fungus grows out of control, it feeds on the oils that the scalp secretes. The skin becomes more irritated and creates more dead skin cells. The extra skin cells fall off and mix with the oil in the scalp and hair. This forms dandruff.

  1. Wearing a hat causes hair loss.

False. Wearing hats and caps causes no harm! It doesn’t do any damage in comparison to wearing your hair tightly in a bun or to the back. Hats don’t create enough tension to cause hair loss. Balding can only be caused by genetics or products. Still, keep your hats clean to avoid scalp infections.

  1. Using luxury products will make your hair grow longer.

Not necessarily. It all comes down to the ingredients and the type of protein and nourishment that your hair needs. You can get bargain products that work much better than the pricey ones.

  1. Braiding your hair will make it grow quicker.
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False. Braiding your hair can protect your hair from harmful substances in the air. However, if braids are too tight, they can break and damage your hair. Take care of your natural hair under the braids to support growth and retain moisture.

  1. Cold water makes hair shinier

This is not possible. Since there are no living cells in hair, your hair will not react to cold or hot water. Rather invest in a good conditioner to create a shiny and smooth look.

  1. Coconut oil is the ultimate solution for your hair

There is no such thing as an ultimate solution. Be careful not to use too much coconut oil, as it can leave your hair greasier. Previously detached hair will fall off from the scalp easily too. If you have fine hair, you may need to avoid using coconut altogether.

  1. Only dry hair needs conditioning

Hair in general is prone to breakage. Conditioning prevents breakage, and every hair type needs to be treated and get good nourishment.

  1. To get really clean hair, you must lather, rinse and repeat.

Nope. One thorough wash is good enough.

  1. Stress causes hair to fall out

Yes. Hair loss can be brought on by stress due to hormonal changes (post-pregnancy, menopause) poor diet or an illness. On average, people lose about 50-150 hairs a day and replace them. If hair loss persists, check with your doctor.