Handling family tension and holidays!

They’re putting up holiday specials in supermarkets and we’re hearing Christmas songs in the shopping malls 진홍의 연가 다운로드! You might feel like it starts earlier every year, but let’s use the time to help you prepare for Family Over The Holidays.

 “You can choose your friends, but not your family”. It’s true! Having the whole extended family together for a day may be great for some, but it isn’t that way for everyone. You have some favourite relatives, but there are others who get on your nerves. So, spending time together once a year, often with alcohol and chores thrown in, can make for a few tense moments. Here is a short, practical survival guide:

Find common ground. The way to keep peace between people who disagree is to find an area where they see eye-to-eye. Don’t be surprised: whether it’s a specific sport team, a hobby, music or TV series choices or even the way you like to braai your chops, you definitely share a similar interest somewhere. Be open to the possibility and find that connection.

Forget the past. If you’re waiting for it, sooner or later an uncle/parent/sibling is going to make THAT comment or bring up THAT subject. It’s only human for a sensitive remark to trigger a flood of bad memories! The trick? Pretend that you’re meeting a problem relative for the very first time. Go on, you can do it – it’s only for a few days!

Stay away from sensitive issues. If relatives have a long-standing problem, Christmas day is generally not the time to solve it. There’s too much going on, so the chances of getting it sorted out are slim, and it could spoil the holiday for everyone. Rather set differences aside and choose to focus on your family’s good qualities.

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Go easy on the alcohol. Sure, a few drinks can dull the stress, but just one too many can trigger major unpleasantness. Pace yourself, and if someone else has had too much, don’t get drawn into a negative situation. Go and do something else – there are plenty of holiday chores to hide away in until the storm has passed!

Remember: there’s at least one relative you’re glad to see, so make the most of your chance to hang out. Whatever happens, enjoy the holidays and your family.

Joanne Hart for HelloDoctor.com

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