Hangover “cures”

Everyone from your grandmother to the person you sit next to on the bus claims to have a successful hangover cure 계약서 다운로드. Many websites also offer hangover cures that sound very convincing and come with “scientific evidence” to back it up. Is there any truth to them though, or are we doomed to suffer through our hangovers for ever?

Here we take a look at the most popular hangover cures, some of which you might have tested out yourself!
Greasy Food:
One of the most common hangover cures involves eating greasy food. This usually means bacon, eggs, sausages, hamburgers or hot chips. And while there’s no evidence to suggest that eating greasy food helps fix a hangover, it can help prevent one. The good news is, you don’t have to eat greasy junk food, eating anything substantial and filling before you start drinking will help slow down the absorption of alcohol and prevent you from getting too drunk too quickly.

Many people reach for a cup of coffee in a bid to relieve a hangover headache, but caffeine can actually cause headaches and migraines if you’re sensitive to it. Rather go for paracetamol, ibuprofen and a big glass of water.

More alcohol:
“Have another drink as soon as you wake up.” This ‘advice’ is best avoided. Having another drink won’t cure your hangover, it’ll simply delay the onset of any nasty hangover symptoms. There’s also a strong possibility that drinking so early in the morning can make your headache and nausea worse.

Dry toast does help relieve nausea, settle your stomach and stabilise blood sugar levels, but it won’t cure your hangover. If you’ve been partying all night, your liver will be busy metabolising alcohol to produce enough glucose to maintain your blood sugar levels. This is also why it’s very important for you to eat while you drink.

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If you are going to be drinking and partying over the holidays, one of the best things you can do to help prevent a serious hangover is to alternate each alcoholic drink with a big glass of water. This will help keep you hydrated, and minimise a headache the next day. A combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen will also help relieve symptoms, just be sure to follow the dosage instructions closely.

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