Strange, but true health factoids

So, you thought the minds of writers of medical TV shows had brought you all of the strangest medical facts and conditions on the planet full version of plague inc? Think again!

We’ve put together a list of some of the weirdest facts and conditions on the planet! Try and solve these, Dr House!

Did you know that…

  • Your brain actually sees the world upside down! You have what are called rods and cones in your retinae and they transmit an image to the brain and it automatically rotates it.
  • Do you think your new sports car is fast? Well, that V12 is slow compared to nerve impulses, which travel at 400km/h.
  • It’s completely impossible to sneeze with your eyes open!
  • Your ears and nose will never stop growing throughout your lifetime.

Strange Medical Conditions

  • There’s a disease that can make you smell like fish. Known as Fish Odour Syndrome, it’s caused by a specific enzyme deficiency and unfortunately, there’s no cure.
  • People can be allergic to many things, including water! It’s very rare, but those who suffer from this condition, develop hives and welts on their body within minutes of being in contact with water.
  • “The Walking Dead” TV show may be more real than you think! Cotard’s Syndrome, more commonly known as “Walking Corpse Syndrome” is a neuropsychiatric disorder where a person believes that they are dead and missing their soul. It’s so rare that its causes are unknown.
  • Is your child saying that you’ve shrunk or that their teddy bear is monstrous? There may not be anything wrong with their eyes! Todd’s Syndrome, also known as ‘Alice in Wonderland Syndrome’ is a neurological condition in which size and distance are distorted. Sufferers can also experience hallucinations. It usually occurs in children, very rarely in adults.
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