Health on a budget

Medical care is very expensive, so, the best way to save on those bills, is to stay healthy Quick to YouTube. One of the ways you can do this is through correct nutrition and the good news is, if you shop smartly, eating healthily won’t cost you a fortune. To keep your lifestyle healthy, here are some fantastic budget tips:

Plan your meals in advance. You don’t need to shop every couple of days. Rather, make a grocery list and take a weekly trip to the store to get the items you wrote down. Making a list will also give you time to decide on the healthiest food choices. This way, you can avoid “impulse buys”.

Choose in-store brands. When you’re considering which brand to buy, step back for a minute and take a good look at the shelf: you’ll see that the most popular, and more expensive, brands are generally at your eye-level, tricking you into making a quick decision.

Take a look at the price of the store’s in-house brand, it’s generally cheaper and doesn’t mean that the food is of a poorer quality.

The freezer is your friend. Frozen vegetables are actually just as nutritious – and sometimes even better – than fresh veggies. This is great when you don’t have a lot of time to cook; steam or broil them and they’ll be ready in minutes. Also, now that it’s winter, you’ll see that fresh produce becomes limited and more expensive.

Know your meat. Certain cuts of meat and poultry are cheaper. If you’re a fan of chicken, choose drumstick and thigh combo packs, rather than always buying a whole chicken. Cheaper cuts of beef, such as shin and brisket, don’t just cost less – they generally have more flavour than the more expensive cuts.

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Buy specific foods in bulk. Basic foods such as rice, oats, beans and potatoes are usually available in bulk packs. They do work out to be cheaper because you can store them for a long time and they can be used in a variety of healthy meals.

If, by an unfortunate circumstance, you do become ill, there are still ways to save money. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about generic drugs. They are much cheaper and just as effective.

So, with a few a bit of smart shopping know-how , you can ensure that you get all the essential nutrients that you need, without bursting your budget.