Healthy, fun gift ideas for the whole family!

Christmas is around the corner, so it’s time to get shopping wikto scanner! You may be tempted to shower your loved ones with the latest techie toys and newest, shiniest treats out there – but those may not always be the best options for their health.

Let’s look at healthier gift alternatives.

For Mom

Do you remember how carefree you felt while colouring in as a child? It turns out that it has the same effect on adults. According to Dr Stan Rodski, an American neuropsychologist, colouring in helps to create a relaxing mindset, similar to the one that can be achieved through meditation. It allows you to refocus your attention away from your thoughts to what you’re doing in the present (colouring in).

Colouring in can lower your stress levels and leave you with a feeling of positivity. Even better, it’s a de-stressing tool you can take with you anywhere.

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For Dad

Dads are known for loving gadgets and this little number will help your dad monitor his overall health. The Fitbit 2 Black allows you to track your steps for the day and motivates you to move more. Besides the main functions, it also keeps an eye on your sleep activity, reminds you to move around during the day and tracks your exercise regime.

It comes with a companion app that syncs your data wirelessly and its swim- and waterproof. This nifty device also allows you to indulge in some healthy competition to see which family member moves more!

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For the grandparents

Getting your grandparents to move more while their bodies are slowing down can be difficult. Low-impact exercises like Tai Chi can give them a good (gentle) workout. A DVD makes a great gift. Tai chi is a non-competitive martial art that includes self-defence techniques. It combines gentle physical exercise, stretching and mindfulness to provide an effective workout to improve both body and mind. It’s safe for people of all ages.

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You can make it a family activity by playing the workout DVD in a spacious area and doing it together for a healthy, fun bonding session.

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For your brother

If your bro is a gym rat who’s always crunched for time, a digital skipping rope is a great option. Skipping is one of the best forms of cardio and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts. It’s known to burn approximately 1300 calories/hour, helps build muscle, strengthens abs and arms, burns fat and improves agility. It’s an inexpensive form of exercise and can be done almost anywhere.

A digital skipping rope makes a good choice because it automatically counts your skips and lets you know how many calories you’ve burnt.

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For your sister

Nothing brings a family closer than a fight to the death during a board game! 30 Seconds is a fast-paced general knowledge game that will keep the family entertained for years. Like Charades, the aim of the game is to guess possible answers within 30 seconds. This game is a great way to get your mental juices flowing by testing your knowledge and helping you learn as you play.

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