Healthy lunch box ideas for back-to-school kids

Early mornings are busy in most households and the temptation is there to just give kids tuck-shop money. In truth though, it only takes 5 minutes to pack a healthy and nutritious lunch that will keep them full throughout the day, help them concentrate during class and give them the energy they need for sports and extra-mural activities.

Here are a few simple ideas that are quick to prepare and nutritious to boot!

  1. Fresh fruit pieces or fruit sticks; think strawberries, a small bunch of grapes, watermelon slices or a banana
  2. Whole grain or whole wheat sandwiches with a protein filling such as peanut butter, cheese, egg or chicken mayonnaise and cold meats such as ham or salami
  3. Pack a couple of easy to eat finger foods such as cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, cheese wedges, mini yoghurts, popcorn, biltong and homemade muffins
  4. Fruit juice, water and milk (if they’re able to keep it cold until lunch time) can all be put into juice bottles that pack neatly into a lunch box

As you probably already know, kids are fussy eaters and get bored with things quickly – so try to include as much variety as possible when selecting goodies for their lunch box.

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