Help for tired new parents!

“I’m a new parent – please, how can I cope with almost no sleep 백설공주 더빙 다운로드? I’m so tired!”

Are you a new parent, or a parent to a toddler? If someone offered you 3 magic wishes, we know exactly what yours would be: sleep, sleep and sleep! But a solid 8 hours of unbroken rest may not be possible for the next while, so here’s how to cope with your day after a sleepless night.

The effects of sleep deprivation

Just four or more nights of broken sleep will have you feeling sleep deprived, but with a newborn, you could be looking at months of interrupted sleep! So, what does sleep deprivation look like? You could be experiencing:

  • slowed response times
  • feeling stressed, more emotional or irritable
  • disorientation or clumsiness
  • having problems communicating
  • finding it hard to concentrate
  • your appetite changes – less or more hungry than usual

No wonder you’re battling! If you and all the other new parents you know are feeling like zombies, here are some tips to get you up and through your day.

  1. Getting up in the morning. Sit up as soon as your alarm goes off, and don’t hit that snooze button! Get out of bed and into the kitchen for your coffee, or the bathroom for a shower, immediately. Get going fast, as it wakes you up.
  2. Prioritising tasks so you don’t drop the ball. Make a list of the tasks you need to do for the day, but keep it real – some days you may only be able to do the bare minimum, and that’s okay.
  3. Staying focused and alert. The thought of this may make you groan, but exercise energises your body and gets your blood flowing. You don’t have to try and carve out time to do anything that complicates your schedule, but you can dance, do star jumps or skip, run up and down the stairs, or even take baby in the walker for a fast walk around the neighbourhood.
  4. Simplify your life. Accept help from your family and friends – there will be time later for you to return the favour. Use the buddy system! Instead of doing everything together, take turns with your partner to sleep in a little later, or to do the 2am feed.
  5. Grab rest where you can. Take a nap or just a 15 minute time-out when your baby sleeps. It may be tempting to use the time to catch up on chores or calls, but use this time to rest.
  6. Back at work. Tackle the most difficult tasks in the morning. If you start feeling drowsy in the office, drink a glass of water, open a window, or take a brisk walk up and down the stairs to wake yourself up. Better still, do all three! Or walk up and down the stairs a few times to wake yourself up before going into a meeting. And use those automated reminders!
  7. The wake-me-up diet. When you start to feel drained, snack on energy-rich foods such as bananas, a handful of nuts, or a slice of wholemeal toast. Seriously, avoid the high-sugar and high-fat options – all they provide is a quick lift followed by a long, slow crash.
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And here’s the best news: this time passes, and it passes quickly. It may feel like you haven’t slept properly for years, but soon Baby will be sleeping all through the night and life will get back to normal. Use these tips to stay awake until then!

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