Here’s how to “de-app” your children during meal times

Kids these days are seriously tech-savvy, and most toddlers even know how to switch on an iPad and find their favourite game app Ultraman of Download. And while it’s good for keeping them quiet and entertained when you need it most, it can become distracting at other times – like when they’re eating dinner.

So, if your kids are into the habit of eating while using their phones or tablets while they’re eating, it’s time to intervene. Here are three easy ways you can take your child’s focus off of their phone, and onto their food.

  1. Temporarily disable the WIFI: If you have WIFI at home, switch it off during meal times. Once your kids (and everyone else) has finished eating, you can switch it back on again.
  2. Don’t let them bring their phones to the dinner table: Confiscate their phones if you need to, otherwise, get them into the habit of leaving their phone in their bedroom or in the lounge while they eat dinner with the family. Lead by example, which means keep your phone away too!
  3. Try the “DinnerTime” app. This app, currently available for iOS and Android, allows you to temporarily deactivate all apps on your child’s devices. And it’s not just good to use during family dinner time, you can also use it to remind them that it’s time to study, take a break, or sleep. pp, an app that allows you to temporarily deactivate all apps on your kids’ devices. Find out more:

Is this a common issue you face at home? How do you get your kids to take time out from their mobile devices and focus on dinner or studying?

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