How clean is your shopping trolley?

How many of you actually take one of those sanitary wipes at the entrance to your local supermarket and wipe your trolley Php multiple downloads? Most people don’t even notice it, but it could be the difference between you being healthy or sick this festive season.

How many germs are on a shopping trolley?

Good question! Well, think about it – thousands of people are strolling up and down those aisles every day, especially at this time of the year. In 2011, hygiene firm, Bidvest Steiner decided to find out…and the results?

  • After examining 85 trolleys at a local at a local supermarket in the USA, 72% tested positive for faecal bacteria and over half of the trolleys had traces on E. coli, which can cause severe food poisoning.

“Any surface that is routinely touched by multiple people poses a risk of infection,” says Rika van Rooyen of Bidvest Steiner. “Hands are one of the biggest factors in the spread of viruses.”

Risk of infecting your child and others

Bidvest Steiner were also concerned about the risk of infection to children sitting in the trolley seat.

  • They’re at risk of coming into contact with dangerous bacteria
  • And, as any parent knows, small children like to touch everything! They love pulling items off the shelf, spreading potential infection.

How can I decrease the risk of germs on the trolley?

Van Rooyen says: “Consumers should take steps to ensure that the surfaces they touch – the trolley handle in particular – are safe. Use sanitising wipes or hand sanitiser, if provided, or carry your own.”

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She also believes that: “everyone should take responsibility for their own trolley’s hygiene safety by ensuring that their own hands are regularly washed and sanitised.”

So, next time you walk into your local supermarket make sure you wipe down your trolley as well as your hands – you’re protecting yourself, your family and many others.

Source: Health 24