How NOT to treat a burn wound

6th May is the start of Burns Week in South Africa, and it’s all about preventing, identifying and treating the different types of burns that can happen at home and work 비스타 서비스팩1 다운로드.

Recently, we spoke about what you should do if you or someone else is burnt with boiling water. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Run the burn under cool water (not cold) until the pain subsides
  • Gently pat the area dry and cover it loosely with a clean bandage
  • If it’s anything more than a minor burn, then it should be seen by a doctor.

And while it’s very important to know how to treat a minor burn, it’s equally important to know what you shouldn’t do – as some things can make the burn worse, cause infection or increase the chance of scarring.

1. Don’t rub any home remedies onto the burn like oil, butter, Vaseline or anything that you have “heard” works on burns. Stick to first aid items recommended for burns, and remember: keeping the wound clean, cool, and free of infection should be your first concern.

2. Secondly, don’t ever prick, peel, pick, tear, touch or poke the blisters or peeling skin. This will only irritate the skin and leave the door open for infection – which will make the pain worse. Leave the wound alone, the blisters will burst on their own and your body will get rid of the old skin when it’s ready. As it gets rid of old skin, new skin is generated. Your skin has been doing that since you were born, so there’s no reason to interfere with its natural process after a burn.

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