How this blind woman overcame her struggle

By August 8, 2019Eye Health

Some vision problems can develop even before you’re born 거만어 다운로드. In these cases, parts of the eyes don’t develop the way they should, and because of this, the brain can’t process the information that the eyes send. The optic nerve is what is responsible for sending pictures from your eyes to your brain. If this nerve doesn’t develop correctly, the brain won’t receive the messages needed for your vision.


Blindness can also be inherited, meaning that the problem gets passed down to a child from the parents. Age, eye diseases, chronic diseases, like diabetes, and accidents to the eye can also cause you to lose your vision.

A different way of seeing

As much as vision is what most are born with, many don’t get to see the world the way we all do. Blind South African motivational speaker and author Lois Strachan found extraordinary ways of seeing without the use of her eyes.

As a result of Type 1 diabetes, Strachan lost her sight at the age of 21. That situation however, didn’t stop her from living her life.

After her sixth laser surgery operation, she lost her eyesight. She could’ve easily been a victim of the disability but one of the first things she did when she got her strength back was to join a rock band.

Faced with many emotions before taking control of her life; she later moved into her own home, found a job, had her first guide dog and self-published her own children’s book series. Using technology helped her do more and live a normal life just like anyone else. Being blind didn’t deter her from finding something to do. She soldiered on.

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She takes pride in her accomplishments and hopes to conquer more in the future.

Good to know

Should you or a loved one turn blind, or if you were born without eyesight, it doesn’t mean you’re living a meaningless life. You are no different from anyone else, and you can still achieve the desires of your heart. There are many tools and programs available to assist the blind. With the right support structure and hard work, one can overcome anything.