How to beat travel headaches

By November 27, 2015Headaches
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Taking a long road-trip or flight to your holiday destination No one knows what to download? You’re packed, excited and looking forward to the break, but a couple of hours in, a blinding headache hits! If you suffer from headaches while travelling, we’ve got some tips to keep you pain-free!

Why do I get travel headaches?

Headaches can be triggered by changes in your diet or schedule, dehydration or increased stress levels; even changes in your environment or weather can set them off. If you’re prone to tension headaches, then having to deal with last-minute changes to plans or lost luggage can trigger an attack.


There are a few things you can do to prevent holiday-spoiling headaches:

Plan, plan, plan! Stressful changes in your travel schedule are a major trigger, so plan ahead for any connecting flights, new routes you have to drive, or airport document checks. Make sure you have all your paper-work close to hand and familiarise yourself with a map of your destination.

Pit-stops. If you’re driving long distances, make frequent stops, change drivers and drink water – especially if it’s hot or humid. The car’s air-con can dry out your eyes and nasal passages, so open up the window every hour.

Travel in comfort. If you’re flying, use a neck pillow, and walk around often to stretch and get your circulation going. Remember to drink lots of water. No, not coffee or wine – water! Sure, have a glass of Merlot with dinner, but keep a bottle of water close by.

Don’t lose sleep. Allow for changes in your sleep schedule – this is a major cause of headaches. Try to get the same amount of sleep as usual. And remember, don’t drive if you’re tired: this is riskier than drunk driving.

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Quick tips:

  • Limit your sun exposure if you are prone to migraines – wear your shades and a hat!
  • Buy a five litre bottle of water and store it in your boot.
  • If you’re a migraine sufferer, remember to pack your medication.

Happy, safe and pain-free holidays!

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