How to choose the right multivitamin

When it comes to vitamins and supplements, you probably take whatever brand you’re used to Download at no time. Let’s face it, with so many shelves of different makes and combinations, it’s hard to work out which one is best for you! Here are some tips on what to actually look for in a multivitamin.

The Do’s

  • Look for a multivitamin with all the basic vitamins and minerals. If you aren’t sure what to look for, ask your pharmacist or doctor. Read the labels carefully.
  • Choose a multivitamin designed for your age and gender so that it has the correct nutrients for you. Nutrient needs are different for men and women over the age of 50. Also, special combinations are available for specific conditions, like pregnancy, or chronic illnesses like anaemia or HIV.
  • Choose a supplement that contains 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for most of the vitamins and minerals. Some nutrients, like magnesium and calcium, will be less than 100% because the pill would be too large to swallow!

The Don’ts

  • Don’t take more than you should! And that means taking other supplements that might have added vitamins in them. Large doses of certain supplements can build up and become toxic.
  • Don’t store vitamins in hot or humid places like the bathroom cupboard.
  • Don’t keep vitamins where children can reach them.
  • Don’t take expired vitamins – throw them away!

Remember, whatever supplement you might have started taking 10 years ago, may not be what you need now. Also, if you are pregnant or have been diagnosed with a chronic condition, you may also need to change your nutrient intake. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist to find out if you need to change, or add to, your supplements.

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