How to dine out as a diabetic

By February 20, 2018Diabetes

Don’t fret about going out to eat Ulsan University Hospital Download. There are loads of diabetic-friendly choices! First things first, remember to always carry your medication with you when you’re out and about. You never know if something may trigger an adverse reaction.

Portion power

Everything looks great when you’re starving. But wait: remember, restaurant portions are usually quite large. Rather than diving straight in and trying to finish every morsel on your plate, set aside a small portion for a doggy bag to take back home. Just by doing this you’ll ensure you don’t overeat and send your blood sugar levels into overdrive.

Fibre fighters

Scan the menu for high-fibre options which help control your blood sugar levels and ward off constipation. Choose side dishes like spinach, legumes and broccoli. Pick a sweet potato over roast potatoes.

Start wisely
Skip the heavily crumbed and fried starters and go for something like a broth-based soup. These are usually lower in carbs, fat and calories. Stay away from milk or cream-based soups. A broth-based soup won’t fill you up either, and you’ll have space for your meal. For your main course, try to include a substantial amount of protein.

Indulge the smart way
You’ve been craving pizza for a month. If you’re clever about it, and eat it in moderation, you can enjoy every bite. Many pizza places now serve wholegrain pizzas and thin crust versions. Load up your pizza with lots of vegetables (fibre). Do the same with pastas; choose wholegrain options and stay away from creamy sauces.

When in doubt, go fishing
Fish is the great equaliser, and always a fantastic protein choice as it contains Omega-3 fats to help sensitise the body to insulin and naturally neutralise blood sugar levels. Pick fish like salmon, tilapia and cod. Remember, protein takes a longer time to break down in the body, giving you a consistent and steady release of glucose into the blood.

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Stay away from the salt
Unfortunately, restaurant menus don’t exactly list the exact sodium counts in food. So, rather pick wisely and stay away from foods that you know contain salt (and hidden sodium!). In fact, research in America shows that over 85% of restaurants over-salt their foods. Ask your waiter which are the saltiest options on the menu and stay away from these culprits. Remember, there’s hidden salt in salad dressing, barbeque ribs, pizza, and burgers.

Eat on time!
Don’t ever mess around with your eating times when you’re on diabetic medication. Plan your mealtimes and stick to it. If you’re waiting a long time for your main meal and it’s time to take your medication, ask for an appetiser, a piece of bread or fruit. Also, don’t be shy about calling the restaurant beforehand and asking if they cater to diabetics, and are willing to make food substitutions if necessary.

Watch your drinks too
Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages can wreak havoc! Alcohol can negatively your blood sugar, spiking an increase and causing your liver to overwork at processing. Stick to your alcohol allowance as prescribed by your doctor.