How to feel fuller for longer

You’re almost at your goal weight; if only those last few kilos would just disappear… Or, you’re just getting started on your health kick, and you need a few quick wins on that scale oracle 11g r2 다운로드.

Either way, you can make your tummy work for you with techniques that will make you feel fuller for longer, leading to more sustained weight loss without starving yourself.

Fibre filler
Fibre plays an important role in your diet. It helps to control your appetite (it fills you up, so you eat less), prevents constipation and could protect against chronic diseases of lifestyle, such as cancer and heart disease. The reason fibre is such a diet winner is that it releases a slow and steady stream of glucose into the blood, so your energy levels don’t go up and down, but remain stable. This is good news for managing your weight fluctuations.
Try: high-fibre cereals and legumes like soya, lentils, chickpeas and canned beans.

Great GI
The glycaemic index (GI) is useful for controlling blood-sugar levels. To lower the GI of a meal, add vegetables to a starchy meal. For example, eat roasted veggies with potato to reduce the high GI of the potato. By cooking starches and cooling them down, you can minimise their GIs. This is called the “second-meal effect”, which simply means that eating low GI foods at breakfast keeps you going well into lunch time. Less snacking equals less binge eating.
Try: oatmeal porridge, wholegrain toast, brown rice, quinoa, couscous, and lean proteins.

Satisfying soups
Before you launch into the yummy yet calorie-laden lunch of fried chicken and chips, why not try a small bowl of soup first? Researchers from Penn State and Duke University found that low-energy soup made from chicken stock and vegetables reduced the total amount of food consumed by 20 percent!
Try: vegetable and chicken stock soups; skip the cream-based ones.

Do dairy right
The jury is still out on dairy for weight loss; some research does show however that the calcium in milk, yoghurt and cheese plays a role in reducing fat cells in the body. Other studies point out that the protein in dairy can make you feel fuller for longer.
Try: stick to no more than two portions of dairy products a day. Portion control is key!

Spice up your life
Spicy food can burn your tastebuds – and possibly a few fat cells too while filling you up nicely. Researchers in Holland and Quebec found that eating spicy foods leads to “thermogenesis”; also known as heat generation. This nifty little process burns kilojoules. The results were especially potent from the effects of spices like

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Capsaicin, black pepper, ginger and mixed spices. If you have ulcer or heartburn problems, though, take it easy on the heat!

Try: add paprika, chilli powder, black pepper, ginger and spices to your foods.