How to get those good vibrations

It’s been a long year and things are slowing down, but you can’t seem to slam on the brakes movie Hannah. You’ve forgotten what it feels like to actually feel relaxed, your mind is constantly full and fun is a foreign word. Settling down and actually relaxing may seem impossible, but there are ways to improve your emotional wellbeing and give yourself a boost of happy.

Ctrl Alt Delete the negativity
It’s easy to get lost in the destructive experiences of the past year, whether it’s what someone did to you, or what you did to yourself. Starting over isn’t always possible, but this time of year is perfect for honing in on all that you have achieved and all the blessings that you have. Concentrating on the positive is bound to help you move on from negative things. If it means writing down a list of things that went well, do it.

Positive Penny
Have you ever found yourself on your couch watching your favourite movie, yet still feeling down? You probably need a change of scenery. Positivity doesn’t always come in the form of thoughts or people, but through your surroundings and atmosphere too. Get out of your bad space. Go for a walk on the beach. Meet a friend for coffee and cake. You can even change your surroundings by changing things up at home. Move the furniture around, or try listening to some new music.

Choose your circle wisely
We’ve all heard it before, “You are who you are friends with”.  It’s important to give careful thought to the people you spend time with because they affect your moods, your wellbeing and your general outlook on life. Surround yourself with people who make you see the good in this world, people who motivate you to better yourself and those who breed positivity.

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Manage your time
Most of us are guilty of trying to cram in as much work as we can at this time to “beat the clock”, and it needs to stop. If you’re having trouble winding down, it’s probably because you are still going full steam ahead.  When festive season is around the corner, slowly start to work less and manage your stress by including time to relax, as well as work. Make your goals clear so that you can meet them, but take the pressure off by not setting impossible goals.

Unleash your inner child
Ever noticed how children are almost always happy? Reconnect with your inner child and relearn the joys of play with an adult colouring book. Colouring can fight end-of-year stress and ease anxiety. It works as an escape from negative issues, and focuses them in a safe and productive way. So, let loose and embrace your inner Picasso. You deserve it, hard worker!

And if none of the strategies seem to help, maybe it’s time to talk to a doctor. Log into the member portal with your username and password, and one of our doctors can help you get to the bottom of why you’re feeling so low.