How to make every day Valentine’s Day

Flowers, gifts, and surprises are what February 14th is all about, right?

But why should all that specialness be reserved for one day only? Keep the love going all year-round. The problem with Valentine’s day, is that many couples use it to ‘make up for’ missing elements of their relationship. They try to ‘win back’ their partner on one night, after 364 days of neglect…which is why it often doesn’t end well.

In stead, Valentine’s day should be the ideal opportunity to celebrate a thriving, passionate relationship. So what can you do before and after Valentine’s day, to make it a day worth celebrating?


Recreate your first date: Go to your favourite restaurant or where you first met your partner. Do a fun role-play and pretend to be meeting there for the first time.

Go away: Time out is important and really underrated. Too often couples get into a work/home daily routine, and before you know it, you’re slightly bored with each other. Even just driving out of town for an evening will bring a new level of excitement and adventure to your relationship. And nothing beats exploring a quaint little place and behaving like tourists!

Have a game night: Surprise him by getting in on the gaming action. Challenge him to a game day and have a little healthy and sexy competition! A study says that video games also enhance creativity. This is a good way to release stress and bond over his interests.

Get creative: Cape Town-based clinical sexologist Dr Eve suggests creating exotic gameplay before sex. You can role-play any movie or pop theme that takes your fancy.

Send him on an Amazing Race challenge: Set up a romantic scavenger hunt either at home or around the city, based on cute things about your relationship. Write out clues to the next location, give him riddles or leave questions only he would know the answer to. Make sure you have a lovely prize awaiting him; maybe his favourite home-cooked meal.

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Good old shopping: Shop till you drop… with her. A few outfit changes in every store at the mall with you by her side will certainly rack up the brownie points. This is the perfect time for you to know what she may need or want for the next Valentine’s Day. Nothing says I love you quite like schlepping around a mall with her for hours.

Laugh with your love: Laughter is the best medicine for love too. Laughing releases feel-good brain chemicals, lowers the blood pressure and reduces stress hormones. Now isn’t that quite the recipe for your relationship? Tell her jokes, take her to a comedy show or just play a fun prank on her.

Let her choose the movie: Sometimes that chick-flick may just be what you need to get closer to your woman and to know what gets her going. You might enjoy it too.

Take her on an adventure: Explore nature and go camping for a weekend. Try go-cart racing or take her to a trampoline park to pump up the adrenaline.

Work it: Take the ironing off her hands and you’ll be her hero for the day! Help with chores and errands. This is a guaranteed way to make your woman smile. In fact, make an occasion of it, ending it with a nice meal cooked by you and a massage.