How to make slime for your kids

Oozing gooey slime 계약서 다운로드. The kids love it and here’s why you should too. Slime can help you de-stress, relax, and calm down a buzzing brain.

Gooey goodness

What’s so great about this messy playtime? Well, it involves all your child’s sensory skills and abilities which means not just a fun time – but an educational, stimulating one too. Amongst its many benefits, getting stuck in slime allows your child freedom to be creative, explore his imagination, build fine motor and coordination skills and, if nothing else – get rid of all that excess energy that keeps you on your feet!

It’s a safe, indoors activity that can keep kids occupied for hours on end, giving reign to all the fun and magic of their minds and resourcefulness.

Slime it up good

Join in on the fun and make your own slime with your kids in the comfort of your home:

You will need

  1. A cup of PVA glue.
  2. ½ teaspoon of baking soda.
  3. A drop of food colouring.
  4. One or two tablespoons of contact lens solution.
  5. One teaspoon baby oil (optional).

What to do

  • Combine the glue, baking soda, food colouring, and contact lens solution.
  • Mix and knead well until you have a gooey consistency.
  • Add the baby oil to prevent the slime from sticking to your skin.

Try this version too…

You will need

  1. 50ml liquid starch.
  2. A cup of PVA glue.
  3. A drop of food colouring of your choice.
  4. A sprinkle of glitter.
  5. Three drops of pure essential oil.

What to do

  • Mix the glue with the liquid starch.
  • Add the food colouring and glitter.
  • Stir everything together. If it’s too sticky, add more liquid starch. If it’s too gooey, add more glue.
  • Add the oil.
  • Knead, roll and twist until you get to your preferred consistency.
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Slimy business

Slime has become more than just a science experiment. Teens around the world have developed a thriving slime business on Instagram and other online portals, where they custom make and sell it. There are different types of slime ranging from fluffy, crunchy, squishy, stretchy, and so much more. Have a peek online and check out the myriad of slime on sale!|

Slime safe!

Make sure you use materials and glues that contain minimal additives. Ensure your child isn’t allergic to anything in the mixtures and only allow them to play with the slime in areas that are easy to clean!

One ingredient you should avoid, is Borax, which could cause harm, especially in children. Also remember to get the kids to wash their hands regularly, as well as the surface they play on: slime is a perfect breeding ground for germs, so instead of keeping the same batch for weeks on end, rather make a fresh batch weekly, and make hand-washing part of the routine.

Most of all, though – Have fun!