How to start your morning like a champ

Whether you jump out of bed, raring for the day, or do more of a slow “Meh..” shuffle into the shower… your mornings can improve tremendously android url 이미지. Learning to wake up better will go a long way in setting your mood for the day, and your life.

Smile it out

Roll out of bed and give yourself the biggest brightest smile in the mirror. Scientists say that smiling releases happy chemicals – so a big smile first thing is sure to get you in the mood. Even if you don’t feel like it, the muscles of smiling will still affect your brain. Try it!

Make your bed

Yes, really. This little bit of order and cleanliness to start the day is going to make a huge difference to your mood and sense of accomplishment – take it from the navy! American naval admiral, William McRaven once said, “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.”

Stop! Back away from the phone…

Don’t eagerly dive into all the messages and texts you missed while you were asleep. Before you know it, you’ll be immersed in the latest Tweets, that cute video doing the rounds and frantically replying to your BFF’s last urgent message. And suddenly, you’re running late for class or work, your mind is all over the place and you’re in frantic mode. Reach for your phone just to turn off the alarm and don’t look at it again until you’re dressed, ready and set for the day.

Eat like a king

  • As clichéd as it may sound, a decent breakfast sets up your body for the day. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) states that eating breakfast makes you more active in the morning. The alternative is feeling sluggish, lazy and tired when you skip breakfast.
  • Oatmeal, eggs, yoghurt and fruit smoothies are considered high-energy breakfasts. Go for a mixture of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Great energy boosters also come in the form of lemon and grapefruit juice.
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  • Nikki Ortiz, 2015 World Yoga Champion says that meditation is crucial to having a good morning. “The main thing I do every morning to ensure a successful day is meditate. I make sure I have some time with myself to get centred and grounded before I start my day. I feel very incomplete if I don’t meditate in the morning. I do it for about 10 minutes, and after that I can go about my day.”
  • According to ScienceDirect, meditation decreases stress levels and enhances immune function. Take a few minutes of your morning to think about how you’re going to accomplish your goals.

 Create a “not-to-do” list

  • Planning creates structure, and has long-term benefits for success. The “not-to-do” list is a quirky spin, think of it as subtle daily reminders to keep you in a nice, positive mood. Focus on blocking out negative energy, avoiding conflict and concentrating on your tasks at hand. You could even write a note that says, “Don’t forget to smile!” or, “Have a cup of tea and relax!”

 Keep your eye on the prize

  • What’s the most important thing on your list for the day or week? Start each morning with a gentle reminder of the prize. This way you’re already motivated and keen, and you have a goal to work to.

Get enough sleep 

We often turn to stimulants like coffee or energy drinks to get the ball rolling in the morning. But, we tend to forget that sleep, is in fact, where half the battle is won when it comes to having a great morning.

  • Sufficient sleep for adults’ range between seven to nine hours with benefits including improved concentration, memory and lower stress levels.
  • Anywhere between 8pm and 4am, the body goes through what is called the regeneration phase. In this time, the body repairs itself and helps with a happier or more peaceful state of mind. With enough sleep, you set the foundation for a stronger mind and body to challenge the day.