I hate using condoms!

“Why would you like them to begin with switch firmware 8.1.0? They’re rubber/plastic, and the amount of lubricant you need to use always surprises you – and let’s not mention the price!” If you sit and think about condoms, are they really ruining your sex-life? If you said yes, then let us help you change your mind.

Number 1: The biggest side-effect of sex is pregnancy

Yup, you read that right. Unprotected sex between a man and woman has a high chance of turning into a pregnancy. Even with the pill or other contraceptives, there’s always a chance that a woman will fall pregnant. The best way to prevent pregnancy is with a condom. Even if a pack of condoms costs you R50, it’s a lot cheaper than raising a child. Just look at the price of nappies, or school fees!

Number 2: An STD is a Life-changer

There isn’t a single STD that’s beneficial to you, your partner or anyone else. Some have symptoms, some don’t and almost all of them can be prevented with a condom. Avoiding an STD is like trying to stop a bullet and the easiest way to do that is with protection. You’d wear a bulletproof vest to save your life from a bullet, now think of a condom as the same. The only difference is the condom is protecting you from things like chlamydia, HIV and herpes. Unlike bullets, these STDs can’t be removed from your body and can change your life completely. Some STDs even prevent you from having children later in life.

Number 3: Condoms may make you last longer in bed

No, we’re not lying, it may actually help increase your performance. One of the main questions we get from men, is how they can last longer in bed. A condom, which fits slightly tight around the penis, reduces some sensitivity, allowing you to last longer during sex. What if a lack of sensitivity is your issue with condoms? Then you’ll like this next one!

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Number 4: Some condom improve the quality of your sex

We’re not talking about the “one-size-fits-all condom,” but specialised condoms that can stimulate both you and your partner. You can find thin condoms that almost feel like you’re not even wearing one, or condoms with unique rivets and bulges for added pleasure. And who wouldn’t want a more pleasurable experience?

Number 5: Excuses like: “We are both HIV positive, so there’s no need for condoms.”

Even if both of you are HIV positive, it doesn’t mean you have a get out of jail free card. There are various different versions of the HIV virus so it’s possible that you’ll end up re-infecting yourself and making your illness stronger. Safe sex is important, but it’s even more important if you are HIV +, always remember that.

By using one little condom every time you have sex you can prevent an STD or an unwanted pregnancy while improving your sexual performance. Not bad at all!

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