Is it possible to out-run a cheese burger?

Burgers taste great! We can’t deny that – but they are far from healthy. Besides the health-risks like heart-disease and strokes caused by junk food, they pack a whopping amount of calories.

The basic cheese burger contains an average of 315 calories. So, how much exercise will it take to burn off one burger*? We’ve researched the calorie count of cheese burgers from 3 well-established fast food outlets and have found astounding results. Take a bite out of this:

Treadmill running: Approximately 1 hour

Hiking: Approximately 30 – 45 minutes

Swimming: Approximately 1 hour (this will differ depending on your speed and style)

Walking: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes (this will differ depending on your speed and style)

Size does matter

So, say you run from 4pm to 5pm, you’ve only burned the energy of one cheeseburger. That’s without any sides such as fries and a soda. Add those and you’re looking at approximately 780 calories in one meal!

These results are only based on the fast food outlet’s basic cheeseburger, but if that late-night craving hits and you decide to double-up, it’s a whole other story, and eating late at night makes it even harder to burn off calories! Let’s find some healthy options so that you don’t have to bail on the burgers.

How to create a healthier burger

We’re not telling you to stay away from burgers, but fast food burgers aren’t doing your body any favours. Here are some healthier options.

  • Grilled, not fried. Frying removes a lot of the nutrients and adds saturated (bad) fat.
  • Brown (Low GI) bread. Or better – no bread at all! The ‘no-bun burger’ has become quite popular recently, and you can replace the bun with sweet potato, or simply have the patty with all the other relishes. Yum!
  • Choose ingredients with high nutritional value such as: lettuce, tomato, avocado, salsa, fresh mushrooms, onions (basically any ingredients that aren’t processed foods).
  • Sauce: these are usually loaded with sugar, and add more calories to your meal. In stead of sauce, opt for a vinaigrette and some fresh herbs.
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So, if you simply must have a burger, reward yourself with this no-bun, delicious alternative, after a long run. Tuck in!

*These calculations are general averages – your body weight and type will affect how long it takes you to burn off the calories.