Is Your Family’s Lifestyle Covered?

Most South Africans have some form of funeral or life cover – which helps lessen the financial blow after a family member – especially a breadwinner – passes away.

One of our customers recently shared his story with us.

Real life: Adam* shares his story

(*names have been changed)

“Six months ago, a car accident changed my life forever. I lost my wife and suffered injuries that left me unable to continue working as a policeman. With the support of my family and the funeral cover pay out, I was able to cover the cost of Josie’s* funeral.

After the funeral, my kids and I were faced with the harsh reality of life without Josie. We lost a mother, wife, and breadwinner. The back problems caused by the accident left me with very limited employment options. Daily living expenses, school fees, debt repayments and other expenses piled up. I had to sell our family home and move into a room at my sister’s house. My kids had to move mid-term from a private school to a public school within walking distance of our new temporary home.

My advice to others: If your family or loved ones depend on you for an income, you can’t risk them having to downgrade their lifestyle if you were to pass away. If you value your financial independence, you also need to protect your ability to earn an income.”

Life goes on

Like many South Africans, Adam’s family had funeral cover, but very little provision for life after the funeral or disability. Life cover ensures that when a person, especially a breadwinner who’s covered on the policy passes away, there’s a financial safety net paid either in a lump sum or in regular payments.

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Some life cover products also pay out in the event of occupational disability or critical illness.

Make sure your family’s lifestyle is ensured

Plan a secure financial future for you and your family that ensures they’re covered for all life events. Metropolitan’s life cover products offers access to cashback benefits, flexible premium payment options and advanced pay outs for occupational disability and critical illness.

Speak to Metropolitan today for a life cover solution to suit you and your family’s needs. Call us on 0860 724 724 today.