Is your job too much work?

Every day feels like a Monday screen lock. You feel like exiting your office as soon as you sit down and time seems to drag as you struggle to get through your tasks for the day. Your job offers financial stability, a place where you can hone your skills, a creative space and a sense of purpose. If you find yourself struggling to tick off any of these boxes, it might be time to make a change and jump on the career-change train.

Resigning from a job you don’t particularly enjoy anymore and finding a new one sounds great, but there are many ways in which you will be affected during this transition.

Is it time to ship out?

When you are trying to decide whether to change jobs, here are signs you should look for.

  • You lose interest in your tasks easily.
  • You have no or minimal motivation.
  • You feel stuck.
  • You don’t feel challenged.
  • You are suffering physically due to stress (headaches, weight loss or weight gain).
  • You dread going to work in the morning and rush to leave.

Leaving your job and transitioning to another can be an emotional rollercoaster, and it can put the state of your mental health on edge. Take this advice to avoid a melt-down, and find yourself in a happier, healthier space.

Don’t explode

  • You’ve worked hard for your company and you had certain expectations when you initially accepted the job offer, so feeling some sort of resentment towards your boss or the company is normal when you decide to resign. Try not to share your feelings of anger as your boss will be a reference for any new job.

Ignore the feeling of loss

  • Your job may be giving you many reasons to want to leave, but feeling loss for what could have been is understandable. When you enter a job you have certain expectations and things you wish to accomplish, so when you leave, you are also leaving those possibilities behind. Remind yourself that you have new experiences ahead of you and try not to think of what you might miss by leaving.
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Get excited

  • Changing jobs can be challenging and scary, but it’s also exciting. Knowing that there are new opportunities, people and experiences ahead of you is bound to get you amped for the future. Honing this feeling will keep you excited for what lies ahead so hold onto it.

Don’t feel guilty

  • You may be leaving behind a team of people and all the projects and work you’ve helped build. Keep in mind that you have your own path to walk and that you aren’t leaving them, you are simply moving forward on your own journey.

Embrace the uncertainty

  • Feeling out of place after making a job change is natural because you knew your purpose at your old job and how you fit into the picture at your company. You will have to start over again to find your footing on your new career path. Give yourself a chance to settle in and in time, you will feel more at ease.

Preparing for the move

Being ready for the worst and best stages of this transition will help you to settle into your new job.

  • Keep in mind that there are many opportunities and possibilities ahead.
  • Look to your loved ones and mentors for guidance and support.
  • If you are unsure about what direction to take after leaving your job, speak to a professional in higher position or a career counsellor.
  • Stay productive by getting your portfolio in order and updating your curriculum vitae. This will keep you motivated to find new opportunities.

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