Is your sweet tooth causing you stress?

By November 23, 2013Stress

Yikes 유희왕 한글판 다운로드! A recent study showed that over the past 50 years our consumption of chocolate has doubled – to nearly 11kg a year – and that’s not including any other sugary sweet foods we indulge in. Be honest, could this be you?

Most people enjoy a little sweet treat every now and again, and we often turn to chocolate or other sweets when we’re feeling stressed or emotional – and it generally makes us feel better. Researchers disagree though, and suggest that rather than making us feel better, sugar could be making us feel more ‘panicked and wired’. They’ve also found a strong link between behavioural changes and blood sugar levels. Irregular blood sugar levels are cited as the biggest culprit in people who suffer from mood swings, depression, anxiety, emotional instability and stress.

So, if chocolate and sweet treats are best avoided then what should we be eating instead? Researchers recommend nutrient rich food which gives you an energy boost and helps you better deal with stress. This means that instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, start eating more:

Fresh berries – they’re packed with vitamin C and fibre

Nuts – they’re packed with amino acids which serotonin, our ‘feel good’ hormone. The best nuts to go for are raw and unsalted almonds and walnuts.

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