It’s easy to be an addict

No one wants to be a drug-addict, but you’d be surprised how easily you can end up there Free visual studio 2019. What may start as “just one try” could lead you down a far more dangerous path, not to mention the damage you could cause if you’re high. Here are some common ways on how you could become an addict…and, we suggest you AVOID them at all cost:

1. Try a drug just once

There’s an old saying that rings very true to drug use: One is too little and one thousand is not enough. You see, the big problem with drugs is that first high. It’s best high that drug will give you, especially heroin. Every hit after that will feel less euphoric, so the risk is that you’d keep chasing your initial kick. Again, and again, and again. That’s how you get hooked.

2. Giving in to peer pressure

Friends are precious to all of us, and who doesn’t want to be liked!? If a close friend offers you a drug and you decline, they’ll try to get you to take it until you cave in. The worst part is, they’ll make it sound like that if you don’t try it, you’re not being a good friend; that’s not what you want and so you decide to give it a shot.

Always remember that if your friends are pressuring you to doing drugs, then they aren’t very good friends.

3. Trying to impress someone

Many people will try to impress another person in the hopes that this person will be interested in them. It happens all the time, especially in clubs where the booze is flowing and too much can cause you to make bad decisions. Taking a drug to impress someone will only hurt you in the end, so it’s not worth it at all.

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4. To escape your problems

The real world is a tough place to live in and many people can’t cope at all. As a result, people turn to substances to take that feeling of anxiety and “pain” away. In this case, giving you a drug to release your stress. The problem is that the escape doesn’t last: drugs won’t take your problems away. People who get into drugs to escape their problems, are most vulnerable to become addicts, because the drug becomes more than just an experience – it becomes a necessity.

Drug addiction is terrible, life-ruining and dangerous. People die from drug-overdoses all the time. Many resort to stealing from friends and family to get their next fix.

Don’t fall for the promises of drugs: ending up as a tik-addict is not a great life-goal – there are much better ways to have a good time, and stay safe and sober.

Source: Drug Free World, Drugs Cope