Ivan Basso’s testicular cancer shock

You may have testicular cancer and not even know about it 산하련 다운로드. “Never, you say?” Well, professional cyclist, Ivan Basso would disagree – he found out during this year’s Tour de France.

Basso caught his groin in a crash that took place during stage five of the gruelling cycling event. During his check-up, doctors discovered cancer in his testicles – you could say that the crash actually saved his life!

It just goes to show that any man, even if you’re an elite athlete, has the possibility of getting testicular cancer.

“We discovered this two hours ago. I have to stop,” the former Giro d’Italia winner, 37, told a shocked news conference on Monday.

To all the guys out there, make sure that you get tested on a regular basis. Testicular cancer is one of the most easily treatable cancers – over 95% of men who have this detected in its early stages, can be completely cured.

Unsure of how to perform a testicular self-exam? We’ll show you how.

How to Perform a Testicular Self-Exam

  1. Do the exam after taking a warm shower or bath, so that scrotal skin is more relaxed.
  2. Locate the testicle in the scrotal sac.
  3. Gently but firmly hold the testicle gently and roll it between your fingers – it’s important to feel the entire surface of the testicle.
  4. Examine one testicle, then the other.
  5. It’s good to do a testicular cancer self-exam once a month.
  6. If you feel anything abnormal on a testicular cancer self-exam, see your doctor – the earlier testicular cancer is diagnosed, the better the outcome.
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Source: BBC