Jenna Lowe’s story

If it wasn’t for the thin, clear plastic oxygen tubing and a slight catch in her voice, you wouldn’t even know about the battle that young Jenna Lowe is waging.

In her video insert on episode 12 (19 January) of the Hello Doctor Show, the beautiful and articulate 19-year-old explains how an ordinary hike in the mountains became a massive turning-point in her life. Her doctors initially thought that she suffered from asthma, but after serious setbacks, specialised tests finally picked up the real cause.

At the age of 17 Jenna was diagnosed with an extremely rare lung disease called Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension – a little-known, degenerative and life-threatening condition that completely changed her life. The condition is rare, very difficult to diagnose, and it can’t be cured. Patients are treated with various combinations of medication and therapy to help ease the symptoms.

Jenna is currently undergoing rigorous 24/7 treatments, and our thoughts are with her and her family as they take on whatever future challenges the condition presents.

Watch the Hello Doctor Jenna Lowe insert.

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