Jobs for students

You’re a student, stuck with a student loan and, more than likely, you have no income rolling in android url 이미지. What on Earth are you going to do?! The answer is simple: a part-time job.

Working while you’re a student is difficult: your schedule is crazy and you still have to meet assignment deadlines. So, who has the time to work and study? Lots of people, actually. Studying and working is nothing new and it’s a great way to help pay off that student loan. And, if you’re really good with your money, you’ll still have some cash to spend on yourself. Sounds great, right? Well, let’s see about finding you that great part-time gig.


Being a waitron is not easy and the hours really depend on your manager, but it’s a good starting point as waitron positions are readily available. If you’re good, the tips you earn could be great – which means more money. Look for a restaurant around or near to your campus so you won’t have to travel too far.


If running around isn’t appealing to you, you can opt for a casual cashier position. You won’t earn any tips, but it’s a little less stressful than memorising a whole menu! The only problem with this position is that the shift work is usually set, so you might only have time between Friday and Sunday. On the plus side, if you work at a relatively quiet store, like a haberdashery or video rental store, you can study while you wait for customers to check in. Just be sure to put the books away when a customer arrives.

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Working on campus

Odd jobs around the campus are common and many people are always looking for assistants. They don’t always pay, so make sure it’s a paying job before you accept. These are really convenient as you’ll be able to earn money while you’re still on the campus grounds – no additional travelling fee involved either!

Sales rep

If you only have time to work on weekends, you could be a sales rep. Do you remember seeing any people at your local supermarket trying to sell you a certain product? That’s a sale rep. It’s a fairly simple job and training will be provided if you need any. It’s also good to know that companies are always looking for sales reps, so there’s no shortage.


Tutoring students, specifically high school students, is also another option. But we suggest that you speak to a tutoring company for regular work. This option is only available if you are really knowledgeable in a specific subject.

The key to a good part-time job is finding one with flexible working hours. And by that, we don’t mean making sure your work time doesn’t affect your party time! Make sure that it doesn’t interject with your study and class hours. Stay focused and you will be debt free before you know it.