Jonah Lomu: Cause of Death?

Legendary All Black Jonah Lomu’s death was probably caused by a blood clot due to a long-haul flight from London to New Zealand, according to his doctor John Mayhew and reported by the Evening Standard Download Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Mayhew, who helped treat Lomu’s chronic kidney disease, said a clot in his lung was the most likely explanation for his shock death last week; Lomu was only 40 years of age.

A public memorial service will be held for Lomu on November 30 in Auckland.

South Africans will remember losing radio and TV presenter Vuyo Mbuli from the same causes in May 2013.

Deep-vein Thrombosis (DVT) can affect anyone of any age and it’s very important that you know exactly how to recognise the symptoms of DVT!

Find out more about blood clots in the lungs here:

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