Kids and the Easter holidays!

It’s the first break of the year! Let’s be honest, everyone looks forward to the first few long weekends around Easter. But it’s also the end of the first school term which means: kids are at home for the holidays. If you’re taking take time off to spend with the family, here’s how to stop a mass attack of boredom!

The problem

After the novelty of not having to get up at dawn and brush their teeth wears off, kids can get bored pretty quickly. And we all know where that ends:

  • Fights
  • Trashing the house
  • Lurking in front of the game console for eight hours at a stretch and neglecting personal hygiene!

That’s when you get desperate to keep them entertained, and start spending money you can’t afford.

The solution

Plan some great day-trips – see the bottom of the article for links to events happening in your city. But for the times you’re all at home, here are some fun ways to create breaks in the day:

  • Buy a can of tennis-balls to throw against the wall.
  • Take the dog to the park or beach and get everyone outside and moving for at least an hour
  • Have the children decide on what to have for lunch, and let them help you make it.
  • Let them work in the garden with you or wash the car – sweeten the deal with some added pocket-money!
  • Plan an Easter egg hunt with the kids, and make it a real treasure hunt!
  • Introduce some activities that homework-laden kids don’t have time for in the term. Something like a great video series you can all watch, or a set of books you know they’ll love.
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Special activities

Plan and budget for a few day-trips that are really special. To help you, here are some links to holiday events happening in various cities in South Africa:

Cape Town




We know this will go a long way to helping you plan a fabulous Easter break – a holiday you can all enjoy! Now, where did we hide those eggs…?