Ladies, are you ready for your own blue pill?

Is your low libido getting you, well, down adobe pdf pro? Are you getting anxious or is your relationship starting to take strain because of it? Don’t worry ladies, scientists are working on a new female Viagra that’s set to help boost your sex drive.

Look, when it comes to long-term, monogamous relationships it’s natural to go through “dry sex patches” – but, due to the launch of a new Viagra for women, it doesn’t have to be that way. The success of the male Viagra pill has sparked huge interest in drug companies, and it has fuelled scientists and researchers to develop a female version. It’s taken some time to develop the drug though, mainly because women have a strong psychological link to their libido, so finding the right components has been a challenge for drug companies.

ORLIBID, the creators of the new pill, believe they’ve found the winning formula. Doctors have known for years that your sex drive is linked to the hormone melatonin. And using that information, drug companies have developed a synthetic version of melatonin to help boost your lagging libido.

The pill needs to be taken 15 minutes before intercourse, but the desired effect can last up to 2 hours. As fantastic as it sounds, the pill does have side-effects such as nausea, and it still needs to be tested for potential addictive properties.

The company will begin three new clinical trials on women to study its effects, and if it’s proven to be safe and effective it could be made available in the UK by the end of 2015.

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