Last minute shopping panic

By December 24, 2014Stress

Did you forget to buy presents for your friends and family? Starting to feel a little anxious? That’s fairly common.

This time of the year, everyone is freaking out and stressing about Christmas gifts, food for Christmas lunch and keeping the kids entertained now that they’re on holiday. Unfortunately, we can’t make home-life easier for you, but we can help soothe the stress of gift buying with a few simple gift ideas. Take a look:

  1. Porcelain kettles. You can find them almost everywhere and they’re usually the last gifts on the shelves. Fill the kettle up with luxuries that the person likes such as: biltong, biscuits or an assortment of nuts.
  2. An online shopping voucher. These are never in short supply and great for a last-minute gift. It also gives the receiver a chance to buy something they want.
  3. Toiletry kit. For men: buy some shaving/ beard-grooming products. For women: bath salts or moisturisers are sure-fire winners.
  4. Clothing, movie and grocery vouchers also go a very long way, especially with January’s pay day so far away.
  5. If you’re buying for kids, stationery is another option – just make sure to add some treats such as: a box of chocolates or a bag of marshmallows.
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