Laugh in the face of anxiety

By March 14, 2015Anxiety

Did you forget to buy a gift for your wife on your anniversary? Or is your teenager still out partying past their curfew? Waiting for the result of a medical test or a call back from a vital interview? This is all part of a normal, anxiety-filled life in the 21st century. We know exactly how this feels, but we have a few anxiety-busting tricks up our sleeves.


People laugh at us when we tell them this, but the truth is, it really works. It even helps when you’re angry or panicking. Just a simple breathing exercise is all you need. Take a deep breath, hold, release slowly and repeat.

Question your anxiety.

You’re stressing over…what? Ask yourself if the cause of your anxiety is:
a) It is important?
b) Something you can fix?
c) Are you worried about the worst possible outcome?
Once you start to think about the cause of your anxiety, work on fixing it. If it’s important, make it priority. If you can fix it, then fix it. Are there better outcomes to this problem? Focus on that. A simple change in thought will help reduce your anxiety-induced sweating.

Be positive.

Talking to yourself is often seen as a sign of lunacy – well, not for us. We often remind ourselves that we’re good at what we do – we even leave notes on the wall in case we forget. You should try it to. If it works for us, it’ll work for you!

Focus your attention elsewhere.

Are you worrying about how your child will get home after a party? Instead of wondering, make a plan: call a taxicab company and have them pick your child up. If you’re losing sleep over a job interview call back, start looking at revising your CV or apply for more jobs in the meantime. The point is to zone in on things you can do, rather than worrying about something you can’t do.

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Source: Psych Central