Learn to love your body

When we care about something, it’s natural for us to do our best to look after it, but we don’t always make the same health choices for ourselves. In a society that tells us to be fitter, thinner, smarter, shop more and have more, how can we learn to take the best care of ourselves just as we are? We explore this topic on the Hello Doctor show this afternoon with YFM DJ, Master’s student and ‘it’ girl, Zama Dube.

Zama is a young, dynamic radio DJ who’s busy writing her Masters’ thesis on the portrayal of young black men in the media. Her studies and her own life have made her realise the challenges of living up to a perfect image. A lot of the time we shape or construct our identity to suit others.
Like most people, Zama is constantly learning how to celebrate and love herself just the way she is, and this includes taking care of her mental growth and development.

Zama’s AHA! moment

It was while she was a stressed and hard-working undergrad student that Zama first started realising just how important her health was.
She became more health conscious in 2011, when she realised that a diet of energy drinks just wasn’t going to be enough to get her through working and studying. Zama says she didn’t really know about healthy nutrition when she was growing up, and she’s had to teach herself. She knows she’s entered an ‘image-conscious’ industry, and acknowledges the challenges that comes with it.

The famous shot

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Zama was one of 36 celebrities who appeared nude in a recent national magazine to raise funds and awareness for The Lunchbox Fund. She knew that as a radio DJ known for her voice, being photographed nude would challenge people’s image of her. Zama says: “I was passionate about the cause in a way that I believe is beautiful”.

Zama Dube hosts The Face Off on YFM – a smart and vibrant weekday show which you can catch between 10am and 12 pm.

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