You can now access and subscribe to Hello Doctor for free as a result of the Third Party Benefit Programme (be it a medical scheme, a plan, benefit, royalty scheme or the like) that you belong to.

Your Third Party Benefit Programme is offering you Hello Doctor as a value added benefit at no cost to you. Some of the Third Party Benefit Programme partners include:

  • Momentum Medical Scheme,
  • Momentum Myriad,
  • Momentum Funds at Work,
  • Momentum Health4Me,
  • Metropolitan Retail,
  • Metropolitan Health Group,
  • OCSACare,
  • Wooltru Healthcare,
  • Moto Health Care,
  • Imperial Motus Med,
  • PG Group Medical Scheme,
  • Fishmed Medical Scheme,
  • Transmed Medical Fund,
  • Thebemed Medical Aid Scheme,
  • MediMed Medical Aid Scheme,
  • Sisonke Health Medical Scheme,
  • Suremed Health Medical Aid Scheme,
  • Rumed Medical Aid Scheme 크로우즈 제로 다운로드.

Please visit our online Hello Doctor Partner Page for the most updated list of Third Party Benefit Programmes.


You will receive communication from Hello Doctor providing you with your access details – your username and password – and you can use this to access the Hello Doctor Services, should you wish to subscribe.

Subscribing to the Hello Doctor Services is at absolutely no extra cost to you. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection or data on your phone.


Hello Doctor provides you with an opportunity to discuss all your health related questions with a registered health practitioner and includes:

  • Text a Doctor which entitles you to private and confidential one-on-one health text messages to and from a doctor;
  • Talk to a Doctor which entitles you to 24/7 direct telephonic access to a doctor anytime, anywhere;
  • Health Tips which comprises health information or messages written, vetted and localised by doctors, sent to you via SMS or notifications via the Hello Doctor App;
  • Symptom Checker, which will assist you in determining a health condition based on
    symptoms experienced.

Take note, however, that the Hello Doctor Services are not intended to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical advice, consultation, examination, diagnosis or treatment relative to a specific medical question or condition.


To talk to a doctor, you need to use one of the following Hello Doctor platforms:

The Website:

  • You can login to your personal profile on the Hello Doctor website using your access details and request a call back, or simply just send a text message to a doctor.

The App: Search for “Hello Doctor” in your mobile phone’s App Store and download the app.

  • You can sign in using your access details and request a call back, or send a text message to a doctor. You can also access the Hello Doctor Symptom checker on the App as well as subscribe to a Health Tip which will be delivered daily through your app.

USSD: Dial *120*1019#

  • If you dial this number from your mobile phone you can then follow the menu prompts to request a call back from a doctor or send a text message to the number that they provide. Please note that we need to have your updated mobile number in our database for you to access the services using USSD.
  • It is important to note that you need to log your text message through dialling this USSD number first for your message to reach the Hello Doctor platform.


Access to your Hello Doctor subscription will be ongoing provided that:

  • Your relationship with the Third Party Benefit Programme, who is providing you with the Hello Doctor subscription, continues.
  • Hello Doctor’s agreement with your Third Party Benefit Programme continues and is not terminated for whatsoever reason.


Hello Doctor will be communicating to you through either email and/or SMS notifications provided that you have not informed Hello Doctor that you do not want any communications and provided that your Third Party Benefit Programme has your contact details.

If you don’t wish to receive communication from Hello Doctor and don’t wish to receive communication relating to your access details, you can inform Hello Doctor by sending an email to or clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email we send you. You can also reply “STOP” to a SMS to opt out.

In the event that the Third Party Benefit Programme providing the Hello Doctor subscription to you does not have your email or SMS contact details, then please contact them directly to update these details in order to receive your Hello Doctor access details to enjoy the benefits of the Hello Doctor Services.


All medical information that is recorded or provided as a result of an interaction between a doctor and yourself will be kept strictly confidential and only accessible by the relevant doctor. Please be aware that all posts to Hello Doctor social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.), are not treated as confidential due to the nature of these open forums.


There is no warranty to the reliability, accuracy, timeliness, usefulness, adequacy or completeness of the services provided.

Hello Doctor and the attending doctor do not make a warranty as to the content of any information and/or response provided to you. In addition, Hello Doctor does not guarantee that a conversation with a doctor via the telephone and/or text message is the appropriate course of action for your particular health care problem.

Hello Doctor and the attending doctor shall not be liable for any damages of any nature, including personal injury, wrongful death or loss of use, as a result of you using the services and/or the inability to use the services.

You indemnify and hold Hello Doctor, the attending doctor and their affiliates harmless against all losses, liability, expenses, damages and costs, including all attorney’s fees, arising out of or related to any breach of the terms of use, your relationship with Hello Doctor and the attending doctor any negligent or wrongful action or omission by you related to your use of services through Hello Doctor, or any negligent or wrongful use of the services by you or any other person acting on your behalf.


It must be noted that our Standard Terms and Conditions and Terms & Conditions of Use of the Subscription Services, provided online, apply at all times and that this document does not replace them.

This document merely serves to highlight a few aspects of the Hello Doctor Services available to you.