LOL! The benefits of laughter

Laughter is contagious, in a good way dungeonmaker apk! Make sure that you catch it. When you are having a difficult day, don’t those memes and GIFs on Twitter and Facebook make things so much better? We think so.

Besides giving you an emotional feeling of happiness, those moments of glee have physical benefits on your body. And that’s not a joke.

What happens when you laugh?

Blood pressure drops. A study conducted by Osaka University, in Japan, found a link between laughter and the lowering of blood pressure. One of the main causes of hypertension is stress, and a good chuckle reduces the production of your stress hormones. Your blood vessels widen when you laugh, allowing for more oxygen to flow throughout the body and this helps to lower blood pressure.

Abs get a workout. All of the exercises you’re doing to get that 6-pack have one thing in common; the muscles have to contract (tighten). The same thing happens when you laugh! When you feel that burning sensation; it’s like you are doing a long…long sit up!

What a fantastic ‘exercise’ to add to your core workout! Best of all, it’s free and no equipment is needed.

Chronic pain decreases. Yes, it’s true. A study at Oxford University found that people who watched hilarious movies felt a decrease in chronic pain. Those who watched boring movies that didn’t make them laugh, felt no difference. So, how is this possible?

It’s all down to the chemical effects of laughter; it raises and releases your body’s level of endorphins – the happy hormone. At this point, you have a natural feeling of joy, which many people describe as a ‘high’; because of this, your ability to handle pain increases.

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Heart is protected. There is evidence that laughter decreases the inflammation of the blood vessels. Inflammation can damage your blood vessels, which, in turn, affects the health of your heart. So, if the blood vessels are protected, your heart is too.

Immune system gets a boost. The immune system is your frontline of defence against infections and diseases; if it is weakened, you’re more likely to get sick. Laughter is an effective tool to make sure that your body keeps fighting. So, how exactly does laughter boost your immune system?

Among all the triggers that can have an effect on the immune system, stress is somewhere at the top of the list.  Laughter allows your body to release chemicals that reverse the body’s negative reaction to stress. The result of this reversal is a positive mindset and it actually helps to strengthen your immune system.

So, the old saying, “laughter is the best medicine” is right! Make sure that you get your daily dose.

By Grant Wood